Golf swing basics are a major element in helping most golfers improve their game.

Basic Fundamentals Of A Golf Swing

Basic Fundamentals Of A Golf Swing

There are a number of different fundamentals that should be learned in golf but there are five basic golf swing fundamentals in particular that should be focused on. There are certain golf swing fundamentals which are simple and easy which every golfer should be aware of. They are grip, posture, pivot, alignment, and the mental side.There are actually five basic steps that must be followed in order to have proper posture when playing golf.

Golf swing basics are a major element in helping most golfers improve their game. Every golfer – whether they are weekend warriors, serious amateurs, as well as some pros – should strive to perfect their basic golf swing. Concentrating on that ellusive perfect swing will lead to more powerful and effortless shots and an overall improvement in scores. The difficulty is that there is no general basic golf swing that will work for everyone. Each golfer has their own unique perfect golf swing.

As you probably know, every player has a different body type. Some are taller or shorter, more or less muscular, etc. So when it comes to golf swing basics we need to tailor the swing to the individual.

Some golfers are fine hitting their irons, but cannot hit their driver well at all. For others it is the reverse. And for many golfers, especially those that play mainly on weekends – they have trouble hitting both irons and drivers.

For some people the real problem is that they have forgotten golf swing basics. By adding unneeded complexity they have made their golf swing a whole lot worse. The most frequent result is a nasty slice or lack of power. Yes, we try to blame everything else the weather, the new clubs, bad grass, etc.. But, we know in our hearts that the real issue is our bad golf swing.

By keeping the golf swing simple you’ll become more consistent and have far better results. Just focusing on golf swing basics isn’t enough to accomplish the job. You’ll still need to practice the perfect golf swing for you in order to achieve your golfing goals.

Just follow and exercise these five basic golf swing fundamental to improve your mechanics and your overall golf game:

  • Alignment is the most important element in hitting the ball square. The main idea behind a solid golf swing is to strike the ball
    golf swing fundamentals

    golf swing fundamentals

    dead center. This means that your setup to the ball is the most important element of the basic golf swing.

  • Your body needs to be able to rotate easily – so be certain that your stance is comfortable.You can think of your spine as an axis around which your body will rotate. Stick your bottom in order to determine your overall center of gravity.
  • You must keep your eyes on the ball. This is undoubtedly one of the most important essentials of golf swing basics – but is definitely ignored on the course.I understand it’s almost too trivial to talk about, but we’ll do it anyway. After all you need to see the ball to be able to hit it. Picking your head up too fast in order to see where your ball went, will usually result in your ball going where you do not want it to go!
  • Your irons and woods will vary, so you need to hit them differently.For the woods think “sweep”. Woods are designed to sweep the ball from the tee. However, for your irons consider “pinch”, as irons are made to pinch the ball off the floor.
  • This might sound strange, but check it out next time you’re on the range.Humming a tune might help your focus on your golf swing as well as helps with your overall rhythm.

Rhythm is a vital element in striking the ball squarely and evenly. Personally, I love to hum rock tunes, but any kind of music will probably work.