Choosing the right snowboard is important to ensure a safe and enjoyable outing. Your size and weight are important factors when deciding which snowboard to buy.

Choosing the right size snowboard is a combination of a rider’s height and weight. Most riders will want the height of their board to be from the chin to the bridge of the nose. If you plan on riding more freestyle you may want a slightly shorter board, and if you plan on riding more Freeride you may want a slightly longer board. The weight range is a recommendation and fairly open, riders will fall on the heavier side and on the lighter side. If you are on the heavier side, know that the board will feel softer, and if you are on the lighter side, know that the board will feel stiffer. In this article, find out how to determine the correct snowboard size for you.

How to choose the right size snowboard

How to choose the right size snowboard

Determine The Height

Stand next to your snowboard and determine how tall it is. Generally, when you stand next to your snowboard, it should stand between your chin and the beginning of your nose.

Determine Your Weight

Stand on your scale and take your weight. When riding a snowboard that cannot accommodate the weight of the rider, it not only affects performance, but can be dangerous. In addition, maneuvers such as slides or jumps may results in the snapping of the board. After you have determined your weight, shop for snowboards that will accommodate your dimensions. The manufacturer’s information on the snowboard should tell you how much weight it can withstand. Take into consideration how much your clothing will weigh, as well.

Check Your Foot Size

If you do not have adequate “waist width.” you might experience heel and toe drag. This can be very uncomfortable and can potentially be dangerous. In addition, an excess of waist-width can also be dangerous, as ineffective and slow transfer of your weight can lesson responsiveness of your snowboard. You need to make sure that you feel comfortable on the snowboard as this will improve your confidence level.

Foot Width

Another determining factor in snowboard width is foot size. You must get a snowboard that is almost as wide as your snow boots. Your toes should hang over at least a half inch from the edge of the board. However, riding a board that is too narrow can lead to foot drag, which slows the board down.

Snowboard Length

Snowboard Length

Figure Out Your Riding Style

You will need to determine whether you are an all-mountain, free style type or back country type of snowboarder. If you are an extreme rider, you probably do not want a snowboard that is too short, simply because of the harsh conditions you might encounter. In addition, if you are a freestyle type of snowboarder, the terrain park might be very difficult, and you may experience nose press when the nose of your snowboard goes out too far.

Determine Your Ability

If you are an inexperienced or new snowboard rider, choose a shorter snowboard and one that allows for greater flexibility than ones used by the more experienced riders.

Choose for Gender

Snowboards made for women are usually lighter and shorter than ones made for men. In addition, the flexion is generally softer than snowboards geared toward men or snowboards that are unisex.