If you desire to be at your best, then the following basketball training methods will help round-out your game.

Top Basketball Training Techniques

Top Basketball Training Techniques

Basketball is a game of skill, energy and practice. It tests your endurance level and fitness. It is no doubt that one needs to train himself regularly to reach the pinnacle of this sport. This training needs to be a consistent effort with time without any negligence and breaks.

Not only physical conditioning is required but also the motor skills too are necessary for anyone who strives to be the best in this sport. If you desire to be at your best, then the following basketball training methods will help round-out your game.


When you’re engaged in a sport like basketball, you should get at least eight hours of sleep every night. You should also not do the same type of training, such as weight lifting, two days in a row. While the importance of basketball training is without doubt, but still you have to pay equal attention to the needs of your body and not neglect it to get it at its peak level during the competition.

Interval training

Fast movements and directional changes during the game are the important features of a basketball game. Therefore one should train the muscles in a manner that it develops ability of fast muscle reaction times. Interval training where you train at high intensities for short periods of time is the best suited for this type of need. You can contrast high intensity intervals such as sprints with a long and slow run. It’s important to include the types of training scenarios that will more closely match what you will be doing in a game

Plyometric exercises

These are high intensity exercises that help your body to react more quickly and with more powerful movements. Pogo jump develops your jumping abilities very effectively.

Distance Shooting

This training helps you to build your long range shooting skills. One can practice this technique by shooting while standing near the basket post and when all is well then stepping away few feet and then repeat the shoot again. Keep this practicing from the larger distance and gradually increasing it continuously and then practicing it again. Keep doing this until you cannot reach the basket without altering your shooting form.

Basketball Training Techniques

Basketball Training Techniques

Ball Handling

You can improve your dribbling skills with a simple figure-8 drill. Stand in a balanced position with your knees bent as if you were dribbling the ball down the court through traffic. Using your right hand, bounce the ball low to the ground as you circle it around the front of your right leg. Bounce the ball behind your right leg and through your legs, then resume the dribble on the left side using only your left hand. Continue making a figure 8 with the basketball, circling it around your feet and back and forth between your legs, switching hands every time the ball crosses over to the other side. As you become more comfortable with the figure-8 drill, try to bounce the ball lower to the ground and circle it around and through your legs faster.

Rebounding and Boxing Out

This drill requires a teammate to shoot the ball and contest for the rebound against you. Have the offensive player stand a few feet away from the basket and off to one side, as if he were playing the wing in a live game. The defender should stand in front of the offensive player but not defend the shot because you want there to be a rebound. After the offensive player shoots, the defender must practice using position to box out the shooter so he is unable to get the rebound. Repeat this 10-15 times, then have the offensive and defensive players switch positions.